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Brochure Pictures for Liverpool Painters & Decorators

I was recently contacted by Liverpool Painters to visit a couple of clients houses to use as showrooms. They were both new builds and were ideal examples of ‘after’ pictures to show just how good their work is and how their future clients can expect their own rooms/houses/projects to look once they’d come in and repainted. The photos are after the fact to show how they look in real life with rooms that are furnished and being lived in.

As a photographer it’s my job to see that the lighting conditions are perfect to really show off their paint work in the best and most appealing way possible. To do this I use a variety of tools along with the available natural light so that they really don’t require much modification when in the editing phase preparing the pictures for use.

Fortunately, because the painting and decorating was so good this made my job pretty easy. We met in central Liverpool in the morning and visited their clients homes, one of which was just a short ride away and then we visited another of their clients in Wirral. All in all, it was a fun day. It’s always a pleasure to work and spend time with people who are professional but laid back and the end results we produced together were pretty fantastic. I’m limited in what I can show here on the website, but I do have permission from the owner to share a couple of the images we took. I assume their going to use them across all of their marketing materials, but that of course is nothing to do with myself.

Decorated Bedroom in Liverpool City Centre Painted Doorway in Wirral

As you can see, the decorating work they undertook was simple paint work, but the standard of the work was very high quality and makes the rooms perfect. It was a pleasure to work with them and I wish them every success in the future!

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